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Cristiano Ronaldo: loose lips sink ships

September 19, 2011

“People are jealous of me because I’m rich, handsome and a great player,” said Cristiano Ronaldo to reporters after his
team’s, Real Madrid, Champions League match against the Dinamo Zagreb. Ronaldo was complaining against the kicks he’d received from the Croatian players.

His team’s next game was against the Spanish Football League’s Levante. A team with a budget that pales in comparison to Real Madrid’s. A modest team. Levante’s players, after hearing Ronaldo’s statement, ironically said that when Ronaldo
talked about being “handsome, rich and a great player” they thought that he was talking about each and every one of them. Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments were interpreted by many as a clear allusion to players from smaller teams, such as
Dinamo Zagreb or Levante.

The training to know how to deal with the media isn’t only for politicians, businessmen and industry leaders, but also for elite sports figures such as Ronaldo. Why? Because we are not only talking about his comments portraying him as someone with a big ego, but also because of their direct impact on his team. Why? Because they clearly gave additional motivation to Levante in their match against Real Madrid.

Any team is always motivated in a game against Real Madrid, one of the best in the world. However, if Ronaldo asserts that others are jealous because he is handsome, rich and very good that clearly implies that the other lesser rivals are ugly,
poor, and bad. Is there a better venue to vindicate themselves, the supposed “ugly, poor, and bad” than in a game against Real Madrid?

The predictions were that Real Madrid would out shoot Levante on its own field. In fact, leading Real Madrid players such as Özil, Ronaldo and Higuaín even started the game as substitute players.

The final score was a real surprise. Levante was able to win with 1-0. A tie would have been a success, but they achieved a heroic victory and won the three points at play. Prior to the match, Real Madrid was one point ahead of FC Barcelona and this loss left it one point behind.

In addition to the other factors that affected the final score, is anyone in doubt of the extra push that Cristiano Ronaldo gave the Levante players clearly hurt Real Madrid?

That is why top-shelf players must undergo Media Training. Loose lips sink ships.